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Club Champs

Financial Status

If you intend to play in the club championships you need to be a financial member of the club or have paid at least 80% with a payment plan for future payments (Automatic Payment) agreed to by the club. If anyone not meeting this criteria, they can organise a meeting with the executive to work out a payment plan.

Other Matches

If you are lucky enough to still be in the Butler Cup, Power Cup, Bridge Cup and Kiwi Cup and you have to play those matches on a Saturday/Sunday before you have played your qualifying or strokeplay round for that week you have permission from the match committee to play it and your next round of the week will count towards your strokeplay/qualifying round.

Motorised Transport

The use of motorised transport is not permitted for Championship events without the express permission of the Match Committee.

A current Medical Certificate is required for this exemption.

The Course Superintendent may prohibit the use of Motorised Transport in adverse conditions.


All Strokeplay and Matchplay Qualifying Scores will be entered as ‘T’ cards as it is our premier event of the year. No Matchplay Cards can be entered for handicapping.




   0 – 18.4

Bronze I

18.5 – 26.4

Bronze II

26.5 – 40.4




0 -9


10 - 14

Junior A

15 - 19

Junior B

20 -25

Junior C

26 - 37

Senior men are to play off the Blue tees, all other men off the White tees. Women off the yellow tees.

Strokeplay and Matchplay qualifying will be conducted on the following dates:

Round 1                                                                 August 18, 19 & 22

Round 2                                                                 August 25, 26 & 29

Round 3                                                                 September 1, 2 & 5

Round 4                                                                 September 8, 9 & 12


Women and Men, Four rounds of strokeplay in divisions to be played with the best three rounds to count.

All full/financial members who complete a round on the above dates are automatically entered into the strokeplay championship.

The first round of the week commenced by a player will be the only round to count for that week.


Women: Four rounds of qualifying will be played, best round to count.

Men: Four rounds of qualifying will be played, best two rounds to count, top 16 (men) in each division to qualify.

Players are required to clearly mark their score cards to indicate their participation.

Matches are to be played by the following dates:

Round One for the men will be played on September 30, commencing at 9.00am. A draw will be issued by 15 September. If you are unavailable to play your game on this date, you may play it earlier (but not later), however both players must be in agreement!

Quarter finals                                                                        October 14
Semi finals                                                                             October 28
Final                                                                                        November 4







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