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6x6x6 2019

Sunday 22nd September

Division One 0 – 21.0

59 Tim Head and Tony Cox 

Barry Pickett and Ian Glennie 60.5 c/b, , Terry Parker and Allan Campbell 

61 Kevin Aaneson and Stu Pedley

62 Ken Read and Kerry Fore, Don Atkinson and John Barker

63 John Cosford and Dennis Sharrock 

Division Two 21.5+

51 Paul Campbell and Bruce Taylor

54.5 Alana Maulder and Rodney Donaldson

57 Mary Halvorson and Doug Nevard

58 Warwick Goile and Rhys Rowe-O’Reilly

60.5 Alan Cameron and Pat Gray

61 Gary Clark and Fraser Stewart

61.5 David Berry and Sue Haden 


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