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Bridge Cup 2018

Matchplay for players 55 years and over


Peter Muirhead lost to Paddy Edmonds

Semi Finals to be completed by 31 August

Barry Picket lost to Peter Muirhead

Paddy Edmonds beat Richard Lane

Quarter Finals to be completed by 31st July

Barry Pickett beat Matthew Carroll

Peter Muirhead beat Phil Morris

Paddy Edmonds beat Tim Head

Richard Lane beat Victor Hooper

Round Two to be completed by 30th June

Jeff Vigenser beat Barry Pickett

Matthew Carroll beat Graham James

Alan Abbott lost to Peter Muirhead

Eddie Marr lost to Phil Morris

Gary Clark lost to Paddy Edmonds

Lee Mastson lost to Tim Head

Richard Lane beat Brian Johnson

Ken Read lost to Vic Hooper

Round One to be completed by 31st May

Barry Pickett beat Brian Francis

Garry Fothergill lost to Graham James

Shane Stinson lost to Alan Abbott

Craig Edmonds lost to  Eddie Marr

Ike Edmonds lost to Paddy Edmonds

Tim Head beat Barry Butters

Brian Johnson beat Alby Bron

Ricky Gowan lost to Vic Hooper

Byes: Jeff Vigenser, Gary Clark, Richard Lane, Phil Morris, Peter Muirhead, Ken Read, Lee Matsom, Matthew Carroll



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