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Power Cup

Matchplay on handicap

Any match not played by the advertised dates may mean both players disqualified. The match committee will adjudicate. 

Round Two to be completed by 30th June

Don Atkinson vs Eddie Marr

Mike O'Kane vs Brian Gibson

Ryan Donaldson vs Tony Cox/Jeff Vigenser

Ron Barrow vs Scott Lett

John Endersby vs Ike Edmonds

Barry Pickett vs Brian Hall

Ken Smith vs Tim Head

Brad Kendall vs Dennis Sharrock

Round One to be completed by May 31

Richard Lane lost to Don Atkinson

Alistair Ross lost to Eddie Marr

Craig Edmonds lost to Mike O’Kane

Brian Gibson beat John Barker

Ryan Donaldson beat Peter Muirhead

Tony Cox vs Jeff Vigenser

Ron Barrow beat Paddy Edmonds

Phil Morris lost to Scott Lett

Gary Clark lost to John Endersby

Shane Stinson lost to Ike Edmonds

Kerry Fore lost to Barry Pickett

Brian Hall beat Chris Fong

Ken Smith beat Steve Cornor

Matthew Carroll lost to Tim Head

Brad Kendall beat Alby Bron

Graham James lost to Dennis Sharrock


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