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Proposed dates for the 2018 Pennants are as follows:


B Grade


18th February v Tawhero at Linton Camp won 5 - 4

18th February v Feilding at Linton Camp won 6.5 - 2.5

4th March v Palmerston North at Buckley

4th March v Levin at Buckley

11th March v Manawatu at Marton

11th March v Linton Camp at Marton

25th March v Buckley at Tawhero

25th March v Marton at Tawhero 

8th April  Semi Finals at Castlecliff

22nd April Final TBA 

Points after Round 2

Palmerston North 6 (15.5), Castlecliff 6 (11.5), Tawhero 3 (10.5), Feilding 3 (10), Marton 3 (8.5), Manawatu 3 (6.5), Buckley 0 (4), Linton Camp 0 (3.5), Levin 0 (2).

Handicap Pennants


18th February v Levin at Levin lost 4 -5

18th February v Feilding at Levin lost 3 - 6

4th March v Waimarino at Rangatira

4th March v Wanganui at Rangatira

11th March v Rangitikei at Castlecliff

25th March v Foxton at Waimarino

25th March v Rangatira at Waimarino

8th April v Marton at Feilding

8th April v Palmerston North at Feilding

22nd April v Manawatu at Rangitikei

Points after Round 2

Rangatira 6 (12), Feilding 6 (11.5), Palmerston North 4 (10), Foxton 3 (10.5), Marton 3 (9.5), Wanganui 3 (6), Levin 3 (5), Manawatu 1 (8.5), Castlecliff 0 (7), Rangatikei 0 (5.5), Waimarino 0 (3.5).

President's Trophy


11th February v Pahiatua at Pahiatua (postponed)

25th February v Wanganui at Wanganui

18th March v Hawkestone at Castlecliff

15th April Bye

29th April v Linton Camp at Castlecliff

20th May Q/F at Rangitikei TBC

27th May S/F TBA

10th June Final TBA


10th June Round 1

1st July Round 2

30th July Q/F

26th August S/F

16th September Final


District Pennants


12th February v Levin at Pahiatua lost 2 - 3

26th February v Marton at Rangatira

19th March v Feilding at Eketahuna

9th April v Palmerston North at Manawatu

30th April v Manawatu at Wanganui

14th May v R/F/LC at Palmerston North

28th May Rangatira at Levin

18th June v Pahiatua at Marton

2nd July v Feilding at Rangitikei

23rd July Bye

6th August v Wanganui at Feilding






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