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Men's Matchplay 2017



Ricky Gowan lost to Matt Burroughs

Semi Finals

Ricky Gowan beat Rodger Low

Stu Cornor lost to Matt Burroughs

Round Two

Ricky Gowan beat Alistair Ross 

Rodger Low beat Mike Fermor

Stu Cornor beat Dennis Sharrock

Matt Burroughs beat Neil Forlong 

Round One 

Matthew Carroll lost to Alastair Rossarroll lost to Alastair Ross



Lewis Ibell beat Ben Toyne

Semi Finals

Lewis Ibell beat Kerry Fore

Ben Toyne beat Warwick Goile

Round Two (to be played by 15th October)

Lewis Ibell beat Tony Cox

Rangi Woods lost to Kerry Fore

Ben Toyne beat Glenn Park

Warwick Goile beat Jack Donaldson

Round One 

Tony Cox beat Brendon Walker

David Berry lost to Rangi Woods

Kerry Fore beat Barry Butters

Ben Toyne beat James Arnott 

Glenn Park beat to Pat Gray

Warwick Goile beat Chris Fong  

Mike O'Kane lost to Jack Donaldson 

Byes: Lewis Ibell 

Junior A


Robert Puklowski lost to Paddy Edmonds

Semi Finals

Robert Puklowski beat Lindsay Edwards

John Barker lost to Paddy Edmonds

Round Two 

Robert Puklowski beat Brendon Lindsay

Peter Muirhead lost to Lindsay Edwards

John Barker beat Steve Cornor

Jeff Vigenser lost to Paddy Edmonds

Round One 

Richard Lane lost to Robert Puklowski 

Brendon Lindsay beat John Cosford

Peter Muirhead beat Craig Edmonds

Vic Hooper lost to Lindsay Edwards

John Barker beat Alan Abbott 

Carl Mathews lost to Steve Cornor

Eddie Marr lost to Jeff Vigenser  

Brian Gibson lost to Paddy Edmonds 

Junior B


Ryan Donaldson beat Nick Toyne 

Semi Finals

Grant Clark lost to Ryan Donaldson

Scott Lett lost to Nick Toyne

Round Two

Grant Clark beat Tim Head

Kevin Austin lost to Ryan Donaldson

Scott Lett beat Keith Travers

Garry Fothergill lost to Nick Toyne

Round One 

Grant Clark beat David Calman 

Bob Jenkins lost to Tim Head

Kevin Austin beat John Endersby

Ryan Donaldson beat Shane Stinson

Scott Lett beat Kevin Speer

Keith Travers beat Wayne Basham

Garry Fotheringill beat Ike Edmonds 

Nick Toyne beat  Gary Clark 







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