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Bar June

Saturday 1st 11.30-2.00 Bruce Taylor Close Ian Kitney
Sunday 2nd  Tournament Close Ian Kitney
Monday  3rd TBA      
Wednesday 5th 1.30-3.30 Gail Ross Close Ian Kitney
Saturday 8th 11.30-2.00 Ken Read Close Ian Kitney
Sunday 9th 11.30-2.00 Brian Johnson Close Ian Kitney
Wednesday 12th 1.30-3.00 Bev Tulloch Close Ian Kitney
Saturday 15th 11.30-2.00 Jeff V Close Ian Kitney
Sunday 16th 11.30-2.00 Lee Matson Close Ian Kitney
Wednesday 19th 1.30-3.00 Sylvia Glass Close Ian Kitney
Saturday 22nd 11.30-2.00 Tim Head Close Ian Kitney
Sunday 23rd 11.30-2.00 Peter Ellery Close Ian Kitney
Wednesday 26th 1.30-3.00 Anneke Van Dam Close Ian Kitney
Saturday 29th 11.30-2.00 Alan Cameron Close Ian Kitney
Sunday 30th 11.30-2.00 Isobel Kelly Close Ian Kitney

Rose Cup

The Rose Cup, a Stableford competition, was held from Saturday 18th May to Friday 24th May 2019.

40 Arthur Harris 

37 Rodger Low, Sam Kauika,Lewis Ibell, Tony Cox, Graeme Sage, Ross Nichols 

Husband & Wife Shield

Sunday 19th May 2019, 10.00am

Mixed Combined Stableford.


Postponed due to weather New Date 15th September


9 hole results

Thursday 23rd May



36 Joanne Knapp

39 Jan Grenside

41 Anneke Van Dam


34 Allen Wills

36 Jim Hulbert, Kevin Burke 

Thursday 9th May



19 Rawinia Connors, Jan Grenside

20 Janice Donghi


14 Kevin Burke

16 George Flintoff

17 Jim Hulbert


Janice Donghi

















Irish Stableford

Victor Hooper, Josh Geerling, Trevor Ballantine, Sam Kauika 112  
Jeff Vigenser, Alan Cameron, Mark Matson, Greg O'Malley 110  
Brian Hall, Tim Head, Paddy Edmonds, Kevin Edmonds 109  
Doug Nevard, Mary Halvorson, Rhys Rowe, Sylvia Glass 107 on draw
Rodger Low,  David Calan, Graham James, Mark Gorman 107  
Rodney Donaldson, Jodie Arnott, James Arnott, Len Arnott 107  
Men's Gross    
Lewis Ibell 77  
Men's Stableford    
Anthony Larkin 42  
Murray Kuzman 42  
Bob Jenkins 41  
Women's Stableford    
Lorette Baldwin 41  
Nearest the Pin    
Gary Clark    
Longest Putt    
Dave Wakeling    
Jeff Vigenser    
Graham James    
Sam Kauika    
Stu Cornor    
Dennis Sharrock    
Trevor Ballantine    
Mary Halvorson    
Josh Geerling    
Gary Clark    

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